​The Outer Realm

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Each week We will introduce our listeners to some of the most well known and informed people who excel in all areas of their fields

We cover the Paranormal, Ufology, Cryptozoology, Ancient Civilizations, Remote Viewing, Extra Terrestrial Theories, Ancient History, Conspiracy Theories, Metaphysical ,Folklore and the list goes on.

You name it, if it’s” out there” we cover it , nothing is off limits

Listeners can join the Chat on our Facebook Group Page to interact with Hosts during the show .

About The Hosts

Michelle is an international public figure in Paranormal research, film and other media for the past 16 years and works primarily with Malevolent hauntings , attachments ,and infestations worldwide. She is versed in many aspects of her field And is available for consultations.

Amelia is a Remote Viewing Medium with 8 years experience working in missing persons, cold and active murder cases with Project Psi, She has been an active team member working closely alongside Michelle for the past year