Author Spiritual Adviser Phil Siracusa is the author of the book entitled, "The Horsefly Chronicles" He was born in 1967 in Staten Island Ny. He grew up in a household of eight. Phil's adventure with the mafia began when he became a bouncer at a couple of local bars in his hometown.When they got word of his gift, they asked him for guidance from the other side. Phil ventured into bodybuilding and owned several fitness centers throughout his career. In 1999 he married his wife Julia, has four boys and resides in Easton pa. He currently works in sales within the telecommunication industry. What makes his story so interesting and unique is that Phil was born with a spiritual attachment that followed him through a open portal. The spiritual entity remains with him until this day.

Bio Julia Siracusa Empath,Sensitive, Paranormal Researcher Julia Siracusa was born in Staten Island Ny in 1974. She grew up with gifts she really didn't understand. When she was 5 years old she started seeing a man in her home who died in her parents bedroom before they bought the house. He was always around and would torment her as a child. When she was 12 her grandfather came to her in a dream and told her this man would never bother her again, and he didn't. She was then blocked of all her gifts until she was 42 years old. She met her husband Philip in 1999 and had four boys and now resides in Easton Pa, in one of the most documented homes in PA called "The Horsefly Chronicle's Case" Julia has come to terms with her gifts and is the founder of 3 fold Paranormal along side Co founder Vanessa Hogle and Rachel Rodbell that julia created for the sole purpose of finding answers on the missing child's case of Holly Ann Hughes who was her childhood friend growing up in Staten Island along with all the other missing children in Staten Island that had a connection to The Legend Of Cropsey.

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