​midnight Eastern, a call-in radio show 504- 273-7379 on an Internet Radio Network where philosophy, ghost stories, paranormal phenomena, and the spirit world are topics for thought-provoking discussion. However, whether the medium is Internet Radio, spoken or written word, art, music or a derivative of traditional and New Age methods, Derrick Whiteskycloud continues to evolve his healing practice in ways that consider the physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being of the individual. Regardless of the medium, the definitive and underlying common denominator in all of his work is his commitment and passion for helping people. More and more lately Derrick has been using his paranormal skills in helping clients to clear up residual energies in their properties and bring closure. He has been honing these paranormal skills for the past 30 plus years and finds as years go by it has been easier to connect with residual energies from the past. Derrick always looks forward to helping people heal & find peace within themselves & community.    

Station call in number:  

      (504) 273-7379