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 As far back as she can recall, Heidi Hollis only wanted to be a comic strip artist! Not an animator, not an illustrator, not an author, not a purple-loving addict, not a therapist...but a COMIC STRIP ARTIST!!!

The Mind Cemetery hosted by Chip Plescher where the paranoia about the paranormal comes to rest  

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​​​The Church Of Mabus Hosted by Jeffery Pritchett every Friday night 7:00 pm- 9:00 pm Central

I grew up as kid who only wanted to be a comic strip artist--luckily I got that chance! In fact, I won the chance to have my comic, "Shaken, Not Stirred", syndicated via a magazine! It was already in 13 newspapers nationwide, but to be in this magazine it could only be in one paper and that one magazine! So, I pulled them out from everything, as agreed. Sadly, just  prior to the first issue coming out, distribution was lost for the magazine! 

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The Big Shoulders Sports Show hosted by Chip Plescher in reruns now 

​​​​​​Derrick was born in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. Derrick Whiteskycloud was drawn to the traditions of his Metis Miqmag /Ojibway ancestry when he was thirteen years old. In the years between his roots in Manitoba and his current home in Surrey, British Columbia, he has and still does travel extensively across the Western Provinces developing and sharing his gifts as a Spiritual Counselor, Psychic/Medium, Paranormal Investigator, teacher, Metis Artisan, poet and Radio & Stage Entertainer. Derrick's approach to Spiritual Counseling, Mediumship, Spiritual awakenings with healing incorporates techniques from both traditional practices and alternative methodologies. In practice, his work draws from the Great Spirit, his spirit guides, and other elements of sound and song, drumming, and sacred ceremonies. Derrick's healing gift also extends into the realm of the expressive arts. He is a prolific artist and writer artisan. His self-published book, Spiritual Journeys with Whiteskycloud was written in 2002, Spiritual Wisdom and Poetry, is his collection of channeled writings, stories, poetry, and illustrations. He radio hosts at a NEW located radio network of Between 2 Worlds Radio on the UPRN United Paranormal Radio Network www.uprntalkradio.com on Thursday Nights 6-8 pm Pacific / 8 - 10 pm Central / 10 - 12  SEE MORE 

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The Quantum Leap Let Light Unite hosted by Cathy Bilsky Friday nights at 11:00 pm - Midnight Central.

UPRN Talk Radio

Michael Angley Daily Up Date Monday Thru Friday be sure to check it out on our archive site too.

Shawn Graham is the host of the
thought-provoking "Chasing the Truth
with Shawn Graham" podcast, dealing
with the paranormal and all things
unexplained. The show launched in
May of 2018 and instantly created a
buzz throughout the paranormal
community that this program was
something very different. Graham is both an expert and an
earnest seeker of the answers

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